Christin A. Brown is a hand picked White House performer

by Cincinnati Conservatory of Music's head of the piano department Dr. Awadagin Pratt. She has Currently finished her degree in Classical and Jazz piano performance

She has attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) majoring in Piano, Vocal and Woodwind Performance. Here she studied Piano Performance with the direction of Anna Weinstein and Simon Goykhman. Further musical mentors include, Gabriella Montero, and Director of the Cincinnati Conservatory piano studio, Dr. Awadagin Pratt

Christin was invited to study Jazz abroad in Poland. Other accomplishments include multiple performances with SCPA's musicals as well as accompanying various other school ensembles. Christin also accompanied local theater companies.

Christin has currently completed her undergraduate degree at Youngstown State University studying Classical piano performance with Dr. Caroline Oltmanns and jazz performance with Alton Merrell and Theron Brown. She has participated in master classes by Alex Wasserman, Michael Schneider, Sophia van der Westhuizen just to name a few.